Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Exploring The Hobgoblin Playhouse7 min read

Feb 11, 2018

Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Exploring The Hobgoblin Playhouse7 min read

Feb 11, 2018

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You’ve probably seen Jenn’s Official video tour of The Hobgoblin Playhouse. Now, take a walk through this legendary Hollywood location-turned-Fringe Venue as seen through Greg’s snarky camera lens. Greg loves exploring classic Hollywood theaters in Los Angeles, and other types of Hollywood event venues. This time, though, the Hollywood venue in question happens to be StageCrafts’ latest acquisition!

Today, the StageCrafts team explores the newly-christened Hobgoblin Playhouse on Hollywood Blvd. Formerly the Paul G. Gleason Theater and the Cupcake Theater, StageCrafts LLC is turning the lights back on in this space for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

The previous owners quit the property several years ago, and this legendary Hollywood location has lain dormant ever since. Located at 6520 Hollywood Blvd., The Hobgoblin beats out most of its rival Hollywood event venues with its two grand pianos. The Fringe venue also boasts a large lobby with plenty of tables and chairs, as well as counter space. Inside the theatre itself, the house boasts fifty seats (perfect for Fringe productions looking to use the AEA 50-Seat Showcase Code).

The playing space is three-tiered, with plenty of room on the floor, a 16’x20′ stage, and a 20’x3′ loft. Backstage, the dressing room features plenty of storage, gorgeous sprung wood floors, and mirrors on both walls.

Before this year’s Fringe Festival, the StageCrafts team will be bringing in a full complement of lighting and sound equipment, plus an HD projector and screen. Jenn and Greg are also going to thoroughly clean the space and make sure both pianos are perfectly in tune. The team is planning to run an open house for Fringe producers still in need of a venue on March 31st, but they are accepting bookings now!

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About What We Do When We’re Dark:

These vlogs highlight happenings at the various StageCrafts Hollywood event venues, as well as share some of the fun things the owners do, both theatrical and mundane. Whether that’s exploring events at other Hollywood theaters in Los Angeles, doing maintenance work at their Hollywood venue, or taking a break and unwinding with something fun and unusual, there’s always something interesting happening behind the scenes.

What do we mean by “dark”? Well, the TDF Theatre Dictionary tells us a playhouse (like studio/stage) is “lit” when there’s a show running in it—until the production shutters and the theatre is said to “go dark.” That’s almost never a good thing, at least as far as the building’s landlord is concerned. With luck, it won’t be long until a new show loads in and the theatre is lit again.

For the context of this vlog, “dark” means any time a performance or an event is not actually in progress on our stage, and our goal is to answer the burning question “what happens in The Room Where It Happens when there’s nothing happening?”

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