Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Your Formal Introduction to The Hobgoblin Playhouse5 min read

Feb 9, 2018

Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Your Formal Introduction to The Hobgoblin Playhouse5 min read

Feb 9, 2018

Today, Jenn takes us on a guided video tour of The Hobgoblin Playhouse, an abandoned theater on Hollywood Boulevard that the team from StageCrafts is bringing back for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. One of a score of historical Hollywood venues, The Hobgoblin has a rich and storied history. Located right on the Walk of Fame at 6520 Hollywood Blvd., the Hobgoblin was once known as the Paul G. Gleason and the Cupcake Theater.

We are accepting bookings for this year’s festival now. Due to the terms of our permit, will not be able to begin using the space until March 29th. However, until then, you can enjoy our Hollywood Fringe Venue tour on YouTube! Check out the video tour below:


The Video Tour

We hope you enjoyed our Hollywood Fringe Venue tour! Well, our video tour, at least.

In case you don’t have seven minutes to spare, here are the basic bits of information we cover:

The Hobgoblin Playhouse features a large lobby with plenty of tables and chairs, as well as counter space.

Inside the theatre itself, the house boasts fifty seats (perfect for Fringe productions looking to use the AEA 50-Seat Showcase Code). The playing space is three-tiered, with plenty of room on the floor, a 16’x20′ stage, and a 20’x3′ loft.

Backstage, the dressing room features plenty of storage, gorgeous sprung wood floors and mirrors on both walls.

Before this year’s Fringe Festival, the StageCrafts team will be bringing in a full complement of lighting and sound equipment, plus a HD projector and screen. Jenn and Greg are also going to thoroughly clean the space and make sure both pianos are perfectly in tune.

We are hosting an open house on March 31st for Fringe producers still in need of a venue, but are also accepting bookings now!

Want more information? Check out our website or connect with our social media for more information. As we mentioned before, there are many historical Hollywood venues out there, but the Hobgoblin’s story is pretty interesting to us. We plan on sharing detailed specs of the space online, plus more information about the 102-year old venue’s history, from its days as the Paul G. Gleason Theater and the Cupcake Theater, all the way back to its construction.

The Hobgoblin Playhouse on Web and Social Media | Facebook | TwitterInstagram 

Episode Notes

– Theme music “Fun Kids Club” by Michael Gordon Shapiro, used with permission.

– For more information about Gregory Crafts, check out his official website.

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