Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Good News, Everyone!6 min read

Feb 2, 2018

Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

Good News, Everyone!6 min read

Feb 2, 2018

Good News, Everyone!

Jenn and Greg are back with the latest installment of What We Do When We’re Dark!

It’s Fringe Pre-Season, and we’ve been overwhelmed with booking requests for this year’s festival! Such a nice problem to have.

We’ve also been hard at work at a bunch of other really exciting stuff. What could that be? Well, you have to watch the episode to find out. 😉 Let’s just say that the news is… big.

We also have a ton of footage we’ve shot to get out, dating all the way back to before Christmas, so look for some Flashback episodes coming soon.

This episode has 100% more Fluffy Kitten than previous episodes.

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Monday nights at The Belfry Stage are now booked starting in March. Seriously, that was quick.

About What We Do When We’re Dark:

This vlog highlights events and productions happening at the various StageCrafts properties, as well as share some of the fun things the owners do, both theatrical and mundane.

What do we mean by “dark”? Well, the TDF Theatre Dictionary tells us a playhouse (like studio/stage) is “lit” when there’s a show running in it—until the production shutters and the theatre is said to “go dark.” That’s almost never a good thing, at least as far as the building’s landlord is concerned. With luck, it won’t be long until a new show loads in and the theatre is lit again.

For the context of this vlog, “dark” means any time a performance or an event is not actually in progress on our stage, and our goal is to answer the burning question “what happens in The Room Where It Happens when there’s nothing happening?”

Episode Notes

StageCrafts Social Media

studio/stage Social Media

The Belfry Stage Social Media

The Hobgoblin Playhouse Social Media

Anyone else frustrated about the character limit on Twitter handles? I would *love* to have symmetry here.

Really cool folks mentioned in today’s episode:

North Hollywood Non-Profit Theatre Company Theatre Unleashed (New Website coming… soon! As soon as we can finish building it!)

Force of Nature Productions

The Hollywood Fringe Festival

Carolina Eyck, Theremin Virtuoso

Tales of the Extraordinary, a live 1920’s vintage radio drama podcast!

Theme music “Fun Kids Club” by Michael Gordon Shapiro, used with permission.

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