Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

First reading of “The Anniversary Issue” by Gregory Crafts6 min read

Jan 19, 2018

Gregory Crafts

Owner, StageCrafts L.L.C.

First reading of “The Anniversary Issue” by Gregory Crafts6 min read

Jan 19, 2018

Ever wonder how new plays are developed? Well, Greg has been working on a new script for a while now called The Anniversary Issue. After more than a year of working on it on-and-off, he’d finally completed the first draft. On Saturday, January 13th, he hosted actors from his Los Angeles theatre company, Theatre Unleashed in a reading of the full script. Afterwards, he sat with the cast and guests in attendance and got feedback for over an hour. It was quite a day!

Please note, if you watch this episode, there will be spoilers.


It’s Kevin and Stephanie Connolly’s tenth anniversary, and Kevin has a night of celebration planned for them. Of course, this means he won’t be going out on his regular patrol of Metro City as his alter-ego, M-Pulse, the self-appointed Eminence of Electromagnetism. But things should be fine without him for one night, right?


One would think that there could be no secrets left between a husband and wife after a decade of matrimonial bliss, but when a powerful supervillain’s attack interrupts Kevin and Stephanie’s date, a hero’s unmasking bears significant consequences for the Connollys. Consequences that will resonate and redefine their relationship forever.


This new work by L.A. playwright Gregory Crafts explores the themes of rebuilding trust and finding true balance and equality in a relationship plagued by toxic masculinity, suppressive patriarchal attitudes, and casual misogyny through the lens of modern heroic fantasy. It is intended to be a spectacular physical piece, incorporating devised movement, illusion, and elements of Japanese Kabuki theatre; imagine seeing a Marvel movie live on stage.

Scenes from this show have been performed live at Theatre Unleashed, Short+Sweet Hollywood, and Serial Killers at Sacred Fools.


  • M-Pulse, the Eminence of Electromagnetism – Graydon Schlichter
  • Stephanie Connolly – Denise Nicholson
  • Maximus/Sam/Orderly – Carey Matthews
  • The Owl/MegaHex – Emily Donn
  • Lady Voodoo/Enigma – Sammi Lappin
  • Tweak/Tony/Henchman – Seth Thygesen
  • Stage Directions/Waiter – Jenny Ashe

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